Rescop Event Poland 2018

Compliance fit for the future

During the Rescop Event Poland our Senior and Principal consultants will share their knowledge and experience that they gained during the latest Governmental Inspections. This will help you get fit for the future! The Rescop Event will be held in Polish.


We offer two different workshops at the Rescop Event Poland: Legacy system & Cloud solutions and compliance.

Legacy Systems

If your company still struggles with legacy systems and you wonder how to validate them in an efficient manner join us at our Rescop event. What is legacy system? An old system, often operating on old Operating System like Windows 2000 or XP, never validated before, typically with not updated or not available documentation. It’s true, that not every system can be validated. You can also spent a lot of your precious time on activities without having an efficient outcome. Benefit from our event. Our expert will explain the approach, share tips and tricks and will answer your questions.

Cloud solutions and compliance

Cloud solutions are currently connecting to your local network or they even create an integrated network of cloud and local systems. At the same time pharmaceutical IT and Quality professionals need to protect the compliance of the systems. Reducing risks and avoiding new ones is very important to pharmaceutical IT and Quality professionals. Now that cloud computing models are well accepted in many sectors with proven security models and high reliability, it becomes a viable option for companies in life sciences.


10h00 Welcome with coffee/tea
10h30 Introduction.
11h00 Presentation legacy systems.
12h30 Lunch
13h30 Interactive compliance workshop.
14h00 Workshop cloud solutions and compliance
15h30 Closure official part and start networking.
16h00 The end of an interesting day.

Date and location

Thursday 22nd of November 2018
Golden Floor Centrum
Ul. Sienna 39
00-121 Warszawa


For additional information or questions, kindly contact:
Phone: +31 (0) 85 201 72 77 (English)
If you need additional information or support in Polish, please write on e-mail with your phone number and we will call you back in Polish.