Although Agile and Validation feel like a contradiction, Agile development can help you to efficiently validate your systems. Just imagine that during development/implementation of a system the components which are already completed can be used but are also validated for their intended usage.



Rescop Academy can help you with the method and tools to make this imagination become reality; instead of validating your system during the full development and implementation, Rescop Academy’s Agile Validation method will help you to validate parts of a system in an early stage.



Rescop provides Agile Validation using training on various levels:

  • Foundation and Practitioner. Both training levels combine the

  • theory from the Agile (SCRUM) / SAFe, ISPE GAMP® 5 Guide:

  • Compliant GxP Computerized Systems and the AAMI TIR45

  • guidelines with exercises to simulate the practical implementation.


Validation using Agile Foundation

The Foundation level training is suitable for people who need to be aware of what Agile and Scrum is and how it can be used in a regulatory environment. The training includes practical examples on how to do it.


During this training you will learn:

• How the benefits of Agile development methods can be leveraged within the strict world of compliance        (validation)
• How to implement Agile development methods in practice
• Differences between small and large projects / programs when using Agile development methods
• Focus on product / system quality instead of on validation documentation to validate
• How to apply Rescop Academy’s Agile Validation method to help you to validate parts of the system in an early stage


You can get a small impression of the training.  Register free for our next coming Agile validation webinar.

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