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9 Rescop free Webinar training

  • by Rescop
  • 11-02-2021
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Rescop free Webinar training


Our SME’s are happy to announce that they will give free webinars again. After the success of last year, we would like to give more people the opportunity to follow those interesting webinars. The topics and dates of the webinars are:

  • March 18 2021: Audit and inspection management
  • April 1 2021: GAMP5 for GxP and accredited Laboratories, including ISO17025 and ISO15189 (for example the labs testing on COVID19)
  • April 15 2021: CSA Round Table


All webinars start at 16:00 h and the duration is approximately 1 hour.



Register now and save your place: Free registration.



  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:12

    Thank you for providing the training.
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:11

    Maybe a little bit of practice examples / other ways of explaining things (similar like the life cycle explanation)
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:11

    Clear presentation, very informative
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:10

    Great that you are hosting these webinars, thanks.
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:08

    I did participate in the second half only. Did webinar went smoothly? No technical Difficulties? . Peter was acknowledged as a good presenter. The presentation was clear, focusing on the main topics. Total of 28 people registered to this webianr and 26 participated (Great attendance score). More than half of the participant actively participated in the polleverywhere activities. Participants enjoyed the webinar, however, they missed more practical examples from the industry in this webinar.
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:06

    Short, but clear overview of the ISO 13485 major changes.
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:05

    It was very clear because of the pictures, and Peter is a good presenter
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:04

    Clear story telling!
  • ****

    03-06-2020 13:03

    For me new topic so good to learn. Saw a lot of similarity in well know subjects with the ISO and PCDA for example. So good to relavate with own experiences.