Rescop and JINC Form Partnership

Rescop and JINC Form Partnership


Children from disadvantaged neighborhoods receive support through collaboration

Through this blog post, we are pleased to announce that Rescop has become a proud partner of the non-profit organization JINC. Through this partnership, we aim to assist children from neighborhoods with economic and social challenges in securing a solid foundation for their entry into the job market.


Currently, hundreds of thousands of children in the Netherlands are growing up in neighborhoods marked by poverty and a lack of positive role models. These children have just as much talent as their peers in wealthier areas, but they often face fewer opportunities to nurture and develop their skills. JINC's projects aim to address this imbalance by introducing these children to various professions, helping them discover work that aligns with their talents, and teaching them essential job-seeking skills.


In the spring of 2021, Rescop first encountered JINC during a job application training session for third-year VMBO students in Breda. Several companies from Breda, including Rescop, contributed employees to engage students in a fun and interactive experience simulating job applications for fictional positions, such as at a supermarket or local pizza delivery.


Following this initial project, a deeper collaboration with JINC unfolded. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, different projects became viable, and a 'bliksemstage' (quick internship) was chosen. This opportunity allows children to get a glimpse of a company, in this case, Rescop. Participants include elementary school children from grades 7 and 8, as well as VMBO 1st and 2nd-year students.


Explaining what Rescop does, especially to children, is a challenge. Thanks to colleagues Richard Mulders and Bas Michielsen, a presentation was crafted to simplify the importance of quality in the pharmaceutical industry. The 'bliksemstage,' lasting about 2 ½ hours with groups of no more than 8 children, includes not only the presentation but also an interactive segment where children fold paper airplanes in groups, creating accompanying building instructions. In the second part, the building instructions are passed to another group, challenging them to recreate the airplane without seeing the original. This teaches the children that accurately describing a process is not always straightforward.


Over the past two years, Rescop has organized multiple 'bliksemstages' with JINC, consistently receiving positive feedback from both children and teachers. Last year, Rescop also participated in a pilot project in Breda called 'Carriere Coach.' Collaborating with other coaches from the business sector, they guided 3rd-year VMBO students in making decisions about their future studies.


After more than two years of collaboration, Rescop has decided to formalize its partnership with JINC, providing financial support to make JINC projects possible. Additionally, Rescop will continue to contribute employees as volunteers, serving as trainers or coaches. The experience has shown that professionals' expertise inspires and leaves a lasting impact on young minds, boosting their confidence and understanding of their own capabilities.


Daniël Roos, director of JINC, says, 'Every child deserves an equal opportunity for the future. We strive to provide that, and we couldn't do it without our partners. That's why we are thrilled to welcome Rescop.'


Bas Michielsen, Richard Mulders, and Werner Luining (who oversee the 'Bliksemstag') express, 'When you see how enthusiastic these children are during our 'bliksemstage,' that's what it's all about.'


If you would like to learn more about the partnership between JINC and Rescop, please contact Werner Luining at

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