Unlocking Potentials: Rescop's contribution to my personal growth

Unlocking Potentials: Rescop's contribution to my personal growth


I joined Rescop as a Junior Consultant in the beginning of 2022. Prior to that, I had spent over two years as a Batch Reviewer at a pharma production site and despite the valuable experience, I felt a plateau in my personal growth. During this time, I received an interview invitation from Rescop’s recruiter, Werner, and the instant match drove me to explore the consultancy venture. 

During my first year, I attended Rescop’s internal training program of CSV 1 year (CSV1Y). On a monthly basis, junior or recently hired consultants were working in small teams to present various subjects on Computer System Validation (CSV). The opportunity for Q&A, discussions on the topics, and learning from the team of expert trainers, allowed me to leverage practicing multi-tasking, managing expectations, and rapidly grasping the key information for my assignment.  

Thanks to the program and my dedication, I managed to deliver high-quality work while establishing an efficient network on the work floor. As a result, my services were requested specifically by the same customer during my second year. Moreover, my assignment had grown into a more demanding role, from a planner to a QA specialist within the remediation team. 

Building upon the skills I attained during the CSV1Y program and my achievements in the first year at the customer, I soon superseded the junior role achievements. Therefore, a promotion was affirmed and recommended by my hiring manager which I received shortly after.  

Overall, by keeping employees’ personal growth as a priority, Rescop not only ensures a continuous improvement of my professional performance but also customer satisfaction accordingly. This well-kept balance is an important reason for my ongoing commitment to Rescop. 

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