Navigating my professional growth at Rescop

Navigating my professional growth at Rescop


Chemical Engineering intersects with GxP 

I started my job seeking journey after completing my Professional Doctorate (PDEng) in Chemical Engineering, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The increased number of opportunities withing Life Science sector at that time and my fascination with process design intrigued me to pursue a career in this field. Despite my lack of previous experience in GxP-regulated environments, Rescop was offering both organized and hand-on job trainings that reassured me to take up on the role of Junior CSV Consultancy.  

Empowered Beginning at Rescop 

As a Junior Computerized Systems Validation (CSV) consultant at Rescop, I was positively surprised by the variety of paths I could embark on. My initial concern of lacking experience in the field did not prove to be an obstacle, as Rescop’s well-organized and targeted trainings, along with constant support from colleagues, paved my way to feeling professionally confident quite fast.  

A junior consultant is expected to carry out junior-level tasks, is assigned responsibilities according to their current skills, and is given supervised freedom and support to tailor their personal development plan. This distinguishes Rescop and makes it a great place for recent graduates to start their careers and develop necessary skills for such a fast-growing industry. 

Why joining Rescop  

Are you looking for the “whole package”? You are at the right place. Rescop offers its consultants a broad range of trainings covering both hard and soft skills required for tackling challenges they might face on different assignments within various industry settings. The variety of such assignments allows a consultant to experience the uniqueness of each project’s requirement specifications and expectations and decide on their future specialty. The diverse set of skills brought by the team of experts at Rescop creates a robust and trustworthy safety net a junior can always count on. As a consultant, you get to acquire and/or improve on management, communication, and organizational skills; since at Rescop, your personal growth is as much of a priority as your hard skills.  

Among the trainings, there is CSV One Year (CSV1Y) held monthly for a year and prepares junior consultants structurally for using GAMP5 guidelines along with boosting their confidence and consultancy competences for CSV tasks.  

So, if you are on the verge of deciding your career path and interested in being impactful in product quality/patient safety through GxP implementations in pharmaceutical industry, enjoy the opportunity provided here at Rescop.   

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