A year at Rescop as a Junior Consultant

A year at Rescop as a Junior Consultant

After completing my Laboratory Research study, I started working as a laboratory analyst in a hospital diagnostics lab. During this time, I was exposed to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and process validation of lab systems. My interest was sparked there and later grew while working in various settings that required compliance with GLP. Initially, I doubted the feasibility of transitioning into the compliance field without a relevant background. My search for making this shift led me to Rescop, where I could leverage my academic and work experience and, more importantly, benefit from their practical trainings for this pivotal switch.  

After completing a comprehensive onboarding checklist and a series of trainings from Rescop’s Graduate Program. I was provided with an excellent entry point into the industry. The training was run by experts in a supportive learning environment which further proved to be quite valuable in tackling challenges faced during my consultancy projects.   

My first assignment was the validation of a vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) bio decontamination systems for Merck & Co (MSD). Despite this being my first hand on job experience, the theoretical and practical knowledge I had gained through the trainings along with the unwavering support of my colleagues, helped me to come up to speed and acclimate. I even managed to independently finalize our project documents. 

Given the satisfactory results of my performance, the customer requested my assistance again for another validation project. In this project, I leveraged my previous experience to tackle new tasks, leading to a more streamlined and efficient approach to achieving set milestones. 

Not to mention, I got the chance to participate in career events which allowed me to share my story and insights with students who found themselves intrigued by the compliance field.  

My transformative journey at Rescop has been characterized by continuous learning, collaborative achievements, and professional growth. As I reflect on this year, I am grateful for the enriching experiences that have shaped me into a more confident and capable consultant, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  

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