Document Management System

Key Features of the Rescop RC-DMS Solution:

  • Draft, review and approve documents
  • Create secure PDFs
  • Version control
  • Ensure compliance through the generation of employee’s reading tasks as new versions are released
  • Limit access to draft, superseded and retired documents
  • Supports controlled printing
  • Document templates ensures consistency
  • Check-out / in functionality to ensure document changes are controlled
  • Content and context-based searching capabilities
  • Organizes documents for ease of retrieval and review
  • Email alerts ensure activities are completed on time and escalation email alerts provide you with immediate visibility of any overdue tasks
  • Qualified and GxP compliant COTS solution to ensure rapid implementation cycle
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant e-signature capabilities
Producing and maintaining documents and ensuring Employee accreditation

Document Management System (RC-DMS)

As a Quality Professional, you know the importance of controlling your documents. Standard Operating Procedures, Leaflets, Campaign Brochures, Work Instructions and more are critical to the success of your company. You need to ensure that these documents are formatted correctly, incorporate any new FDA standards and are up to date. The team needs to be able to demonstrate that they are up to date on reading the most current processes and procedures, to ensure things are being done correctly, and you maintain compliance.

You need to produce evidence that any documents are up to date, and that all the relevant team have signed off as having read and understood them. This often results in multiple spreadsheets across multiple departments and keeping these records up to date are keeping you from implementing some of the great ideas you have for process improvement.

A solution has arrived to streamline your activities, ensure accuracy and vastly improve the efficiency of your team and it’s RC-DMS from Rescop.

The Rescop Document Management System solution allows you to manage your documents and ensure your team members are up to date on the latest SOPs and work instructions. It provides a central GxP and GDPR compliant repository for all key documents and supports Microsoft Office formats.