System management and electronic logbook software

Key Features of the Rescop RC-Logbook solution:

  • A GxP and GDPR compliant central data repository for all your assets and suppliers
  • Incorporates powerful and flexible tools to schedule all your activities including:
  • Commissioning and De-commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Cleaning
  • Periodic Review
  • Backup and Restore
  • Retirement
  • Automatically assigns activities for execution and verification
  • Email alerts ensure activities are completed on time and escalation email alerts provide you with immediate visibility of any overdue tasks.
  • All actions are registered in a virtual logbook which is secure and fully GDPR compliant.
Knowing that your GxP Relevant systems are compliant and ready for inspection

System management and electronic logbook software (RC-Logbook)

The time has come, and an inspector is at your door, you know they will be asking to see all the records on your GxP relevant systems, and you have prepared your team for this possibility and you hope they are prepared.

Your documentation is all on paper and you’ve been spending the weeks leading up to the inspection stockpiling everything in a ‘war room’, retrieving box after box from the dusty archive room. Working through all that paper for a specific maintenance record, validation document or change request is going to be a massive undertaking and you hope your team is up to the challenge. You worry that a document will have been lost, misfiled, or the wrong version signed, and having to explain that to the inspector has had you tossing and turning for a week. Now imagine if you have no paper to stockpile, your ‘war room’ only consisting of one team member with a laptop and access to all of the records needed at the click of a mouse button.

Sound impossible? Not with RC-Logbook from Rescop.

This fully GxP and GDPR compliant solution allows you to control, support and integrates all your essential processes ensuring that they always remain in a state of compliance. The Rescop RC-Logbook solution allows you to monitor and manage the entire lifecycle of your systems in an efficient and paperless fashion. RC-Logbook empowers you to efficiently manage key activities, including; equipment, instruments, computer systems, manufacturing lines, and processes. The RC-Logbook solution covers the entire system lifecycle and is provided using proven technology which is available, rapidly deployed and available via a secure and validated cloud solution.