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Welcome to our online training, your trusted partner for knowledge and professional growth in the life sciences industry. With over 20 year of experience, we specialize in providing world-class training and workshops for employees and inspectors within the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Our comprehensive programs cover essential topics, compliance standards, and industry best practices. All our online training programs are provided in close cooperation with our partner Conval Group. Together, we ensure that our participants receive the most up-to-date and relevant insights.

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Rescop Academy Services

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Data Integrity and Data Quality

Unlock the Power of Data Integrity: Ensure your data is complete, accurate, and secure. Discover how data quality and integrity drive informed decisions and compliance in pharmaceutical operations.

Excel Spreadsheet Validation

Excel with Confidence: Validate your critical spreadsheets. Accuracy, consistency, and trustworthiness are essential. Our framework ensures reliable data for quality decisions.

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